Idea for a Christmas gift: Anifajn wall clock

Idea for a Christmas gift: Anifajn wall clock

If you do not belong to those who get Christmas gifts in November, this idea may be good for you. Wall clocks with unique illustration for adults and children.



Since October, I have been concentrating on the whisches of relatives who I want to endow. I am concerned about any hint that arises during the conversation. I also keep track of all the tips. The problem is when these overlapped cards do not appear anymore and I find myself facing the dilemma: what to whom. Then I turn to old friends again. Internet sites that offer a lot of innovative ideas. I get stuck again when I find out that I’ve found them too late and things that I want to order will be shipped after the new year.

So, if you also have the same problems at christmas time, then I propose an Anifajn wall clock. Wall clocks with fashion illustrations are suitable for living rooms or offices. Lovely wall clock with children’s illustrations are beautiful decoration of every children’s room, both girls and boys.

This year we have made sure that you get your gifts in time. Delivery takes 3-4 days.

You can find wall clock motives at, if you go to the wall clock button.

You can order glass watches in size 40, or 30 cm diameter.

Prices of different motives:

diameter 40cm = 42,00 € + delivery 3 €

diameter 30cm = 37,00 € – delivery 3 €

We accept orders at

If you order an hour by 20.12, you will receive it on your home before Christmas.

We wish you nice and happy Christmas shopping.



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